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Buying your first home is filled with excitement, anticipation, and plenty of tasks to keep you busy.

While it’s always fun to shop for, design, and create your own space, be careful that it doesn’t completely overshadow the not-so-fun parts, like the maintenance and upkeep you will need over the years. If you’re accustomed to renting, the price tag for your first major repair as a homeowner could come as a shock. Inevitably, appliances fail, pipes leak, and roofs fade. So make sure your bank account is ready when you need a handyman fast.

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A popular rule of thumb says to set aside about 1% of your home’s cost for maintenance each year. For example, if you paid $240,000 for your house, plan to spend about $2,400 a year (or $200 a month) on maintenance, repairs, and general upkeep. That number will vary depending on the age and condition of…

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Inspect-it 1st

Here is a list of some typical occurrences or problems to look for in the systems of a house. This home inspection checklist is followed by the most reputed inspection companies in the United States.


  • Are any bricks missing or flaking?
  • Is there a crack or a break in the masonry cap?
  • Does the chimney look like it’s leaning?


  • Is the peak or ridge sagging, or is it in level?
  • Is the roof slumping between the trusses or rafters?
  • Is there any sign of deterioration, such as warping, curling, rounded corners, broken edges?
  • Are there any vents on the roof?


  • Is there any peeling paint or rust?
  • Make sure that gutters slant toward downspouts.
  • Are there any leaks or sagging sections?


  • Are there any cracks or flakes on the bricks?
  • Search for any missing mortar
  • Is the paint deteriorated?
  • Are the exterior walls…

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Gary Venice's East Tennessee Real Estate Blog

This article by John Riha on shows a few new and exciting objects for everyday use. Who doesn’t like the idea of new goodies to make your daily life more unique? Take a look at these cool gadgets and tell me your opinion

Article From

By: John Riha
Published: January 28, 2013

Would you buy any of the wow products HouseLogic’s intrepid reporter spotted at the home builder show?

After hiking miles of aisles past thousands of products (you’re welcome!) displayed at the 2013 International Builders Show in Las Vegas, I found a few designed to make your life easier, cooler, more efficient, and more fun. (Of course, many come with a steep price.) Come on, wouldn’t you want these?

Music in Your Showerhead

Credit: Kohler

Closet crooners, rejoice! Kohler’s Moxie ( shower head features a Bluetooth-enabled speaker so you can pipe your favorite playlist directly into your…

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Real Estate With Carmine

When you’re shopping for a new home, you want to find a property that has all the features and characteristics you want. A large deck surrounded by picturesque landscaping … a beautiful kitchen with gleaming marble countertops… a cozy finished basement with fireplace….

Should you buy the 'Less Than Perfect' House?You should look for the ideal home. You deserve it! But some home buyers make the mistake of becoming fixated on finding the “perfect” property, and passing too quickly on those homes that don’t quite measure up

Why is that a mistake? Because some of those less-than-perfect properties have the potential of becoming your next dream home.

First of all, a home that is lacking some desirable features, such as a finished basement, will probably cost less. Those savings may be more than enough to cover any needed upgrade or renovation.

Secondly, if you look at a home in terms of its potential, rather than the features it happens to have now, there will be more…

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Did you know? Dampness is one of the most common causes of poor indoor air in homes, because moisture promotes the growth of mould and dust mites.

To prevent mould, fix any moisture problems right away and control humidity levels in your home. If you already have mould, it’s important to clean it up right away.

Not all mould is obvious to find. It is important to check for mould anywhere that is damp, especially where water damage has happened. Look for stains or discolouration on floors, walls, window panes, fabrics and carpets. See if you smell a musty “earthy” odour. If needed, contact an expert for help.

For more information on how to prevent mould and what to do if you find it please see the following link for helpful tips!

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