Buying A Home – Title Insurance Basics

Title Insurance Basics! Great Read!

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Title insurance is protection against loss if a defect is found in the

title of your property. It pays losses arising through defects in title

or liens and encumbrances. From the deed alone, you cannot

determine what rights, liens or claims may be outstanding against

your title. Title insurance establishes clear title and that all previous

rights or claims of ownership have been cleared away.


Title insurance covers errors in deeds, mortgages and other public records.

It also covers liens or claims against the property which become the new

owner’s responsibility after the sale, such as unpaid mortgages, taxes,

sewer/water assessments, contractors liens or judgments. Other possible

claims may include a marital interest by the spouse of a former owner or

by a former owner’s child not mentioned in his will. There may also be an

invalid deed – a previous seller who did not own the property, was…

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