Saving $1000 around the house


Today I’ll be taking a look at ways to save money on your house.  The goal is to save at least $1000 per year.

In her book ” Save Big: Cut Your Top 5 Costs and Save Thousands” Elizabeth Leamy  suggest starting with an appeal of your property taxes.  The recent decline of property values could work out in your favor.  You’ll want to be armed with a recent appraisal.  You’ll also want to be prepared for a fight.  With both school districts and municipalities strapped for cash these days, they are fighting most assessment appeals.  You’ll also want to hurry.  As outlined in the Market Conditions section of my website, the market has finally started to shift and swinging towards a seller market.  Be sure to check out the “More Resources” link to your right for the resources listed here.

When it comes to purchasing a new home or refinancing your…

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What is Home Inspection?


Home Inspection is visual, non invasive examination of the structure of the house. It is usually done during the purchase of the house by a Home Inspector. Home Inspector is a person who is Certified by one of the Professional Associations such as InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) or OAHI (Ontario Association of Home Inspectors). Furthermore, he has years of experience in construction industry and in some cases highly qualified persons such as Professional Engineers (PEng) Licensed Architects (OAA) are also lending there services as Home Inspectors.

Its very Important for the prospective clients to do thorough research about the qualifications of the Home Inspector before  hiring one. Good Home Inspectors don’t come cheap and many people fall for the cheap Home Inspectors which don’t have the appropriate knowledge, experience and the qualifications to carry out a complex task of Home Inspection.

An inspector will check the roof, basement, heating…

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5 Tips for Successful House Hunting

Derek Bicksler

5 Tips for Successful House Hunting

Many times, a home is a person’s single largest purchase in life, which can make house hunting intimidating. But buyers who follow these simple tips can help ensure that their house hunt leads to the right home and a smooth buying process.

1. Get Pre-Approved for a Loan

Before buyers begin house hunting, they should get pre-approved for a mortgage loan. Pre-approval means a lender conditionally promises to lend a buyer a certain amount of money to purchase a home. Once a buyer agrees to purchase a specific home, pre-approval can speed up the loan process. To get loan pre-approval, a buyer typically needs to provide the lender with financial documents such as pay stubs, W2s, bank and other account statements and tax returns; personal information such as a Social Security number and previous addresses; and the lender will run the buyer’s credit…

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To People Who Want To Get Organized But Can’t Get Started

Modelo Decor

“It’s good to leave your room super-messy when you’re away. Whoever tries to break into your room will thought it has already been ransacked.” ― Douglas Adams

That may be a funny quote, but picture yourself coming home to that mess after spending a fabulous week in an uncluttered hotel at a beautiful resort. How would that make you feel? Probably like turning around and going back on vacation. Now, picture yourself coming home to a beautifully organized space, where all of the things you love and make you happy are displayed in a cohesive, calming manner around your home. How does   that make you feel? If you are living in a home full of clutter, it can be overwhelming and you may not know where to start. This is very common in most people, and especially for all of our clients. The best way to get started is to…

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What is the Function of a Title Company?


A Title Company coordinates all parties in handling the closing of a transaction the lender and borrower-and prepares all the necessary documents including the settlement statement (HUD-1). The title company disperses all funds involved in the closing.

The title company’s main function is to provide title insurance to the borrower and any lender financing the transaction. Title companies as an insurer differ from other kinds of insurers in that they attempt to research and eliminate all risks of title defects rather than to assume risks. It is a secondary function of the title company to handle the actual closing to assure that the documents necessary to convey clear title have been properly executed and filed, and that all previous interests in the property have been disposed.

The three main functions of a title company are:

  • The search and examination of titles sufficient to prepare a commitment for title insurance.
  • The…

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Four Important Home Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

Life After Rent

Four Important Home Maintenance TipsOne of the important aspects of owning a home is having the knowledge of how to keep it maintained to avoid costly repairs and serious damage. Over the years weather and use will wear down both the interior and exterior of your property.

If you are able to practice preventative care on your home, then you will prolong the life of all of its systems and components. At least every six months or so, you should be performing an inspection of your property so that you can ensure that it is still functioning properly and safely.

What should you be looking for when it comes to preventative home maintenance?

Here are a few important pointers to keep in mind:

Pests and Insects

Check your home thoroughly for any insects and unwanted pests such as carpenter ants and termites. Make sure that there is no point where the wood of your…

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