Monday, July 1, 2013—July is Challenge Month—Today—Day One—Where Do You Keep Your Keys, Your Purse, Your Glasses?

This is a Great Article on keeping yourself organized

My Heart is at Home

I am placing this challenge on Day One because those of us who fly by the seat of our pants when we come in the door lay down whatever is in our hands wherever we happen to land. When we are ready to go out the door, we can’t find our keys, purse, or whatever. This leads to a tear-everything-apart hunt and often makes us late. So TODAY:

  • Designate a place for the things you need to get out the door. Again, TODAY
  • Choose a day each week to clean out the bag you carry with you—diaper bag, computer bag, purse. For me this day is Friday.
  • Put things back where they belong in your bag(s) after you use them. Try to put them back in the same place so they will be easy for you to find. Each day, I take time when I get home to make sure…

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