Home Buyer Etiquette, 6 Things You Must Do

Philadelphia Real Estate Blog

Is there such a thing as buyer etiquette? I say, yes, there is.

I’d like to set the record straight for buyers when I say that there is a good way to behave when setting out to find your new home.

Most buyers think they can just pick up the phone and call a local Realtor without giving one thought to the actual home buying process. The problem also lies with Realtors who run out to meet an unprepared buyer.

Both buyer and Realtor have different motives for behaving the way they do. The buyer just wants to get in to see a home, feeling that if they like it, they can then inquire about the process. And the Realtor, looking for business, will oblige and have the buyer go through the process after they like the home.

So, what then is the problem? Well, the problem is that…

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