Real Estate Q+A: How to Make Mistakes When Buying Your First Home

Place In The City

First time buyerHouse hunting is fun! Actually making the decision about which house you should buy can often be overwhelming, especially for a first-time buyer. After all, you’ve been saving up for years and maybe even skipped out on vacations for this. It’s natural to be nervous and make a few mistakes along the way. But with some research and a team of real estate professionals, you can avoid the more costly mistakes and find the right home for you. So what are those costly mistakes, you ask? Keep these in mind when you’re on the hunt.

House perfectThe “Perfect” Home

We all have a picture of the perfect home in our head. No one actually revels in the idea of ripping out carpet and painting over weird wall colours. It’s always the finished look that sticks in our heads. Unless you’re a DIY-addict and watch HGTV OnDemand, why wouldn’t you want a…

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