Refresh + Restyle

The Collected Home

Two weeks ago a a neighbor and I restyled one of our  other neighbor’s homes. We volunteered to this for our monthly neighborhood women’s club meeting. Our neighbor, Patty had a house full  of furniture and collectables. Patty bought the home 12 years ago when she was single, three years ago she married and her new husband added his life of furniture and collectables. About a year ago Patty’s mother in law suddenly passed away leaving her home contents to Patty and her husband. Needless to say Patty was overwhelmed by furniture lamps and collectables.

80 hours later and a fresh coat of paint my other neighbor Deb and I reshuffled and moved furniture, reorganized collections of art, china ,books and family heirlooms.  The end result showcased and blended Patty and her husband’s lives and family history. Collectables that had been hidden away are now displayed and enjoyed.

A home…

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Kitchen Paint Colors: 10 Handsome Hues to Consider

For many of us, the  kitchen  is the heart of the home — a room in which we greet the day, make important plans and break bread with family and friends. Given the significance of this gathering place, it seems like a given that the colors used to decorate it should be both energizing and easy to live with. Which hue is right for you? The choice is a personal one, but we’ve found 10 inspirational examples to point you in the right direction.

Apple green

Laminate, Island, Marble - simple, Breakfast Bar, Traditional, Raised Panel, Window seat, One-wall, Undermount, Painted Wall Mural Source: Zillow Digs

You may have spotted apple green paint in a kitchen before, but probably not on the ceiling! Used overhead, this happy hue casts its glow around the room.

Pale straw

Corian, Farmhouse, Breakfast Bar, Traditional, French, Flat Panel, U-Shaped, Balcony, Pendant Source: Zillow Digs

Yellow is one of the most popular paint colors for the kitchen, and this faint hue is as welcoming as a spring garden. Glass-front cabinets and marble counters…

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These Landscaping Mistakes Can Make Your House Harder To Sell

Clumsy, neglected, and hodgepodge landscaping not only hurts your home’s curb appeal, it can cut the value of your property and make it harder to sell. 

Real estate appraisers say bad landscaping is a buyer turnoff that can increase the number of days a property languishes on the market, which also hurts prices.

“I’ve been with clients who won’t even go into a house because of the bad landscaping outside,” said Mack Strickland, a Chester, VA, REALTOR® and appraiser.

Even more important, bad landscaping is a downer that hurts the way you see and enjoy your home.

Don’t let bad landscaping happen to you.  Here are the seven landscaping mistakes that bust, rather than boost, your home’s curb appeal.

1. Planting Without a Plan

Some landscaping choices, such as a line of begonias, will last a season; others, like trees, can last a lifetime. So, take time to plan and…

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Top Trends In The Real Estate Industry In 2014

Real Estate Comments and News

CaptureAccording to leading real estate professionals, if the real estate industry is a baseball game, then it is in its fourth or fifth inning. If you are keen on the real estate business, here are a number of trends you should look out for this year:

Second-tier cities are leading the recovery

If you have noticed, builders, developers and investors have lost interest in 24-hour gateway cities, where the economy does not rest for the night, and have shifted their attention to second-tier cities, which are coming up and growing to become 24-hour economies, where they can find more housing deals. Therefore, if you are looking to invest in real estate, going for those big cities might not be a smart decision this year.

Multifamily apartments are waning

During the recession, there was a constantly growing demand for apartments. As a result, with a boost from heightened demand for homeowners-turned…

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Green Living: Detoxifying Your Home

Place In The City

CleaningHouse Today is Earth Day and there are a variety of events around the city to help us celebrate, anything from concerts to community clean up events. This and the spring weather got me thinking how to live a little bit more “Green” in my home. As I sit on my sofa writing this post, after a full day of driving around the city (yes driving is part of my job, and no, my car is not a gas-guzzler) I look around my house and start thinking about spending a day on serious spring cleaning. Although my borderline obsessive personality would want to hose everything down with Mr. Clean, I know that there is a better and more environmentally responsible way to a clean home.

So how can you clean and detoxify your home without buying anything or by just using natural and basic household ingredients you might already have in…

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