Brilliant Ways to Deal with Books

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A tower of used booksBooks are precious to the people who have a collection. Some may even have thousands of books where the books actually take over the home.  In some cases, this is a dangerous feed for fire.

So, let’s discuss successful ways books have been dealt with whether  in the case of  moving, preparing for resale, or just re-organizing your home or office.  No matter how many books,  here are some options to put things into perspective and help to clear the clutter.

1. Sell

Go online and check for local book stores and see what type of book stores are available.  If there is a used book store, call and tell them you have a collection of books.  Ask them if they would be interested in looking at your collection.

If your collection is specialized, like a forensic or animal collection, etc., your chances are better at selling your books for a better…

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