37,000 uncounted votes could change some Utah races

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SALT LAKE CITY — Election officials are counting tens of thousands of provisional, absentee and mail-in ballots in districts that could swing entire races.

It’s a by-product of new programs launched to increase voter participation in elections that typically draw fewer voters. In Salt Lake and Davis counties, more than 37,000 votes remain uncounted and some races are separated by as few as two votes.

Davis County is among 10 counties that mailed ballots to registered voters this year to increase participation. Election Manager Brian McKenzie told FOX 13 it worked — they got 48 percent voter turnout when they were only expecting 30 percent.

“We have tens of thousands of ballots that came in through the by-mail process,” he said.

Last minute mail-in ballots have flooded the Davis County Clerk-Auditor’s Office. The Lt. Governor’s Office told FOX 13 that 17,000 ballots still need to be counted…

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