7 DIY Holiday Decorations

Linda Jonard - RE/MAX Affiliates


Silver Spoon Christmas Ornament

Fun, easy and pretty!

What you will need:

-Silver spoon

-Metal primer spray paint

-Silver spray paint

-Hand held drill

-Drill bit (for metal)

-Craft glue

-Decorative gems


Prime the spoon first before spray-painting the entire surface, front and back, with the silver spray paint. Using the craft glue place the decorative gems in any way you like, get creative! Last, drill a small hole in the handle of the spoon so that you can tie a ribbon to hang it on the tree.

Sparkling Christmas Banner

No need to spend the money on decorative banners!

What you will need:

-Chipboard letters with holes punched in the top that spell out Christmas

-Elmer’s glue

-1” artist brush

-Loose glitter (of your choice)

-Plastic container for glitter

-Spoon to apply glitter

-Wax paper

-Hemp wire

Use the brush to generously apply glue to one letter at…

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