Access Bonds – Stunning Savings Opportunities

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Having an access bond is one of the smartest ways you can manage your home loan.

An access bond is a type of home loan that allows borrowers who have paid extra money into their bond, to withdraw the extra money should they need it.

This means that home owners can benefit from paying interest on a smaller capital amount while the surplus funds are in the bond, but can access the money if they need it. For example, if you had a R1 000 000 bond with a monthly repayment of R8 997 at an interest rate of 9%, and you paid in an extra R500 each month, the saving in interest charges is R174 415 and the term of your bond would be shortened by two and a half years.

A smart way to invest your surplus money is to deposit it into your home loan account as you are…

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Going Green?

Govani Designs

Going Green?

This infographic takes a look at the green and energy-efficient home features popular with recent home buyers. The data comes from the 2014 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, and the 2015 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report.

Previously published by National Association of REALTORS®:

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6 DIY Home-Staging Tricks That Buyers Love

Get your home ready to sell with some simple staging techniques from Virginia McGuire that’ll entice buyers to make an offer.

Great staging can make all the difference when you're trying to sell your property. Let's explore what you can do to ensure your home always shows well. Great staging can make all the difference when you’re trying to sell your property. Let’s explore what you can do to ensure your home always shows well.

Skillful staging can make the difference between a quick sale and a house that lingers on the market for months. (And no one wants that.) Yet while you know that staging will help you sell, how do you know which staging projects will have the biggest impact?

Here are the six most important things you can do to make sure your house shows well — and sells.

1. Clean, clean, and clean

We all live with a few dust bunnies — some more than others — but noticeable dirt will give a potential buyer the impression that your home may not be…

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David Boyd pleased with our service

We have been using U.S. Title for our mortgage loan closings for several years.  The high level of professional service that we receive keeps us coming back year after year.  We have been especially impressed with Susan Gallegos and her assistant Bridget Nabor.  Susan and Bridget make a great team and always go the extra mile to be of service to us and our customers.
Susan is especially good at making our customers feel right at home during our closings.  Susan is fast and efficient and explains the many documents so customers can understand them with ease.  She actually makes the closings fun and is more than happy to come to a client’s home or place of business.  In today’s world, good service is hard to come by.  We will continue to use U.S. Title, knowing that we will always get good service from Susan, Bridget and their team.

-David Boyd

Income Increases Boosting Housing Optimism

My Utah Home Expert

Income Increases Boosting Housing Optimism

The number of households saying their income is significantly higher than it was a year ago is on the rise, as is the number expecting their financial situation to continue to move significantly higher over the next year — both reaching all-time survey highs in Fannie Mae’s January 2015 National Housing Survey, a poll of 1,000 Americans’ attitudes toward owning and renting a home.

Twenty-nine percent of households say their income is “significantly higher” now than it was 12 months ago. Also, 48 percent say they expect their personal financial situation to improve over the next year.

The increases in income are translating into higher optimism about the housing market. The number of households who said it was a good time to buy a home rose 3 percentage points in January to 67 percent, according to…

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Customer Lifecycle Analysis in Real Estate-What Companies Are Doing This Right?

Carrie J. Little, BS, MS

 Customer Lifecycle Analysis in Real Estate-What Companies Are Doing This Right?

Author:  Carrie Bey-Little  January 27, 2015

The Customer lifecycle in Real Estate is much different than the retail industry.  When working with Buyers and Sellers an agent will have a similar lifecycle with the potential of a new lifecycle after the home is purchased or sold.  When working with a new buyer the lifecycle is as follows:

  1. Works with a Real Estate agent to
    1. Purchase a home
    2. The agent negotiates the deal for the buyer
    3. Once a deal is agreed upon the buyer’s agent maintains a relationship with the buyer
    4. Assists with the inspector, appraiser and attorney depending on the market. (all markets don’t always work with attorneys)
  2. The Real Estate agent follows up on contingency dates and buyer updates
  3. Follows up until the home is closed (in many cases the Buyer Lifecycle Analysis ends)
  4. Good agents…

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